All she knew was that she was a tramp, a slut, a roundheeled girl no good for anything but sex. She would flunk out of school and wind up screwing her happy way through life until she finally died and they put her in a box and shoveled her into a hole. This, while it made her drink during the bad moments, made her almost happy the rest of the time.

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Lawrence Block's Campus Tramp

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Campus Tramp by Lawrence Block

  • retro trade paperback featuring original cover art
  • new afterword by the author
  • introduction by Ed Gorman
  • 210 pages
  • Preorders/reservations must be placed by September 1st, 2010. Contact us to place a reservation. We also take paid preorders (check or money order) and reservations by post, postmarked by 9/1/2010.
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Shipping September 28th, 2010.

Note: Production Delayed

Due to some technical issues holding up production on our end, we've decided to extend our order period and publication date by one month. Instead of the originally announced August 24th release, we are now looking at a September 28th release. Thanks for your patience, and feel free to spread the word.

The Return of a Cult Classic

For the first time in half a century, the entire original text of Campus Tramp complete with classic cover art is available for a limited time exclusively through This dashing retro trade paperback "Classic Edition" features a new afterword by Block and is available for paid preorder until August 1st, 2010. The Classic Edition will be a limited run printed to order, so no extras will be available after the order period has ended. However, a second, non-exclusive, open-run edition with a modern cover and a lower price will become available in late August and may be found or ordered in bookstores nationwide in November.

Linda Shepard is looking for a man.

A capable man. Her first man.

The campus of Clifton College is the perfect hunting grounds. It's swelling with men and brimming with liquor, and it doesn't take Linda long to find her prize.

Don Gibbs is the editor of The Clifton Record. He's brusque, he's unkempt, and he somehow maintains his broad physique with a diet of just booze, coffee and cigarettes. Soon enough his piercing intellect and hedonistic ways bring Linda to her knees and lower, lower still.

Is she in over her head? As Linda soon discovers, sex can be a dangerous game...

...almost as dangerous as love.

About the Author

Lawrence Block is the bestselling author of over fifty novels, including the much-heralded Matthew Scudder crime series. As a young man in New York, Block wrote soft-core pornographic paperbacks for publishers such as Nightstand Books to publish under their own house pseudonyms. In this case, Campus Tramp was released as the work of Andrew Shaw; examined retrospectively, however, it has Block written all over it. To learn more about Block and his many acclaimed works, check out his official website at

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